Wrinkle Remedies (Infographic)


Wrinkle Remedies (Infographic)

Wrinkle Remedies (Infographic)

Keep youth with face yoga. Join the Yoga Studio and practice face yoga.
By signing up to the Studio you will get access to a face yoga session with Ula Wilczyńska-Kalak. Cost: PLN 29 per month (we give you a 30 day warranty!). Here are some of the sessions:

A face full of glow – a daily facial yoga session
The power of kisses – exercises for the muscles around the mouth
There is nothing to wrinkle – exercises for forehead muscles
… and many others!
>> Yes, I want to stay young with facial yoga. I’m joining the Studio!

Yoga on the Edge

When practicing yoga, I often get the feeling that I’m on the edge. Own endurance, motivation (or lack thereof). That I’m right on this thin border – between what I can and what I THINK I can’t.
I think that’s why the movie “Yoga on the edge” immediately caught my attention. Beautiful music and photos are great inspiration for yoga practice. But probably even better to do it stubbornly, every day, face your own borders.

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