Slipping hands on a yoga mat: how to solve this problem?

Slipping hands on a yoga mat

Slipping hands on a yoga mat: how to solve this problem?

Everyone starting their adventure with yoga probably encountered this problem

Sliding hands on a yoga mat is a problem for every beginner yogi. Certainly, you have often wondered what mat to choose so as not to slide on it.

There is a wide selection of yoga mats on the market , they are more or less non-slip, but I’m afraid that none of them will provide us with absolute lack of slip. So how do you prevent excessive slipping on the mat ? We have several ways to do this:


Choosing the right yoga mat

Slipping hands on a yoga mat

  • Rather, avoid PVC mats, lean towards those made of rubber . The material itself already causes that the rubber mat is more adhesive than PVC mats.
  • Always choose a mat with non-slip marking . This of course will not ensure that you will not slide on the mat, but it is more likely that this will be the case than choosing a mat without this feature.
  • Non-slip yoga mats offer Joy in me. The mat consists of a base made of natural rubber and a top layer made of polyurethane, which is to ensure uncompromising adhesion.

Sliding hands on the mat: home ways


  • Wipe the mat with a specially created solution of water and salt . Half a liter of water + a teaspoon of salt, mix well, wipe the entire mat with a wet cloth, and then the other until dry. Repeat for several days. Watch out for rubber mats, they don’t like water much and the cloth should only be slightly moist.
  • Another solution to prevent slipping on the mat is water with vinegar . Mix water and vinegar in a 50/50 ratio and wash the mat with a damp cloth for several days. It’s best to combine the above two methods with each other. One day, wash the mat with saline solution, the other with vinegar solution.
  • Many people also slide due to excessive sweating of the hands or feet. Accessories such as: yoga gloves and socks covered with a special non-slip surface can help.

    Sliding hands on the mat and the technique

    Slipping hands on a yoga mat

Slipping on the mat is not only “mat’s fault”, but sometimes a lot depends on the technique of doing the asana .

If you are ready to take a position and it is done correctly, you will not slide. Simply put, the weight is not set correctly now and the yoga mat is not to blame.

For example, in the Dog position with head down , many people (mostly beginners) have a problem with hands running forward.

slipping hands on the mat dog with his head down

It is worth looking at whether this happens because of a too slippery mat and whether it should be possible to work on the technique.

Importantly, people who practice for a long time are unlikely to have this problem.

So what to do not to slip in the dog’s position?

  • Symmetrically distribute the weight on the legs and hands – too much weight resting on the hands causes that they begin to glide forward.
  • Carefully press your entire hands and fingers against the mat – your fingers should be spread as wide as possible.
  • Rotate your arms outward – so that the shoulder blades move away from each other, this will allow you to correctly set the body in position.
  • First of all, remember that at the beginning most mats are slippery. Over time, with a bit of strong will, they acquire the grip you want

And of course: practice as much as possible . It has been known for a long time that the more practice, the more sweat that washes away the factory coating from the mat, the more adhesive the mat .


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