Holiday detox with yoga

detox with yoga

Holiday detox with yoga, i.e. Ayurveda, asanas and diet for an energetic holiday

Many people think that cleansing the body means rigorous fasting, which is to lead to rapid weight loss – this is wrong thinking. The correct detox is complete if combined with a well-chosen and regenerating diet.

The body can regenerate, cleanse and heal itself. However, this process can be disturbed by a poor diet and improper functioning. Detox with yoga for many reasons can be an ideal solution for those seeking full recovery.

Why should you start it during the summer? Find out what practice and diet will allow you to cleanse your body and mind during the summer break.

“You can go anywhere if you take this one step at a time,”

detox with yoga

Detox Rules

Many people think that cleansing the body means rigorous fasting, which is to lead to rapid weight loss – this is wrong thinking.

The correct detox is complete if combined with a well-chosen and regenerating diet. Internal organs will be better to absorb nutrients if they are previously cleared of blocking toxins.

This will improve their functioning and well-being.

During the detox, it is worth remembering that how the body feels affects the psyche – and vice versa.


Holistic detox with yoga

There are various schools of detox. The holistic approach to detox includes revitalization at various levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The combination of yoga practice, conscious breathing and meditation with a proper diet is of great importance.

Following the holistic approach, individual spheres of our body are a whole, therefore, to restore balance in our lives, we must introduce detox in all its aspects.

detox with yoga a

Advantages of a holiday detox

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the beneficial effects of detox and restore your body and mind to balance.

Weather conditions are more favourable and less burdensome.

You have access to many fresh seasonal products that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

While relaxing, you can use what you have on hand – solar therapy, seawater or even a sand scrub.

All this will support you in the purification process.

The body will get an injection of vitamin D and minerals, warm up the muscles, and evening walks along the beach or in the woods will improve circulation.

If you include the implementation of appropriate asanas, pranayama and Ayurvedic diet, you can count on a fuller detox.

It is worth taking advantage of a summer break from work or planning a weekend in which, in addition to a proper diet, you will start practising asanas accelerating the cleansing processes.


Step 1: Know your dosha

This is the purification of Ayurveda principles – submission to the Panchakarma process for several weeks works on many levels. It starts with a diagnosis of dosha and abhyanga massage.

Massage is an integral part of Ayurvedic detox and aims to restore the body’s energy balance.

It is usually performed by two people. During the Ayurvedic detox, a diet appropriate to the dosha is in force. Cleansing is complemented by yoga practice and pranayamas, which effectively deepen the process of removing toxins and regeneration.


Step 2: Practice these asanas

Everyday yoga practice will help fight stress, improve your mood and give you energy.

When performing asanas, you focus more on the body and improve the functioning of the internal organs, which remove toxins from the body faster. They stimulate metabolism, improve liver and kidney function, and this also speeds up body and mind cleansing. Try these 3 asanas if you want to start a yoga practice to support the detox process:

1. Parivritta Utkatasana (Inverted Chair Position)

Inverted Chairs Asana, in addition to improving posture and strengthening the abdominal muscles, stimulates the work of the abdominal organs: liver, spleen and improves digestive system function.

Parivritta Utkatasana

2. Garudasana (Eagle Position)

Garudasana teaches balance and concentration of mind. It develops the muscles of the ankles, fights shoulder stiffness and prevents calf muscle spasms, and through strong leg tightening, improves circulation.


3. Marichyasana (Sage Position)

By twisting our body in this position, we stimulate the kidneys and liver. Marichyasana is recommended for flatulence and constipation because doing it improves digestion. Besides, it fantastically helps to calm the mind.


Step 3: Take care of your diet

Use seasonal products and add vegetable soups and fruit and vegetable smoothies to your menu.

Also, make friends with so-called “superfoods,” or superfood:

  • an avocado
  • Burke
  • green tea
  • lemon
  • sauerkraut
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • apple.

    Eliminate processed foods, sugars, alcohol and cigarettes from your diet. Limit the consumption of caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks), dairy and animal products.

And above all, including freshly squeezed juice in your diet. They work as a boost of energy, without burdening the digestive system. They provide the body with a solid dose of minerals.


Detox every day

Regularity – very important for maintaining health – is a key element in the Ayurvedic lifestyle. When you apply a holiday detox with yoga, think about everyday little cleansing rituals that will prolong positive changes.
Introduce a few small habits to your morning routine:

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon before breakfast.
  • Practice yoga!
  • Make a face massage with Araz after cleaning.
  • Practice conscious, deep breathing and meditate.
  • Eat an early, easily digestible dinner, preferably 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours each day.

    Remember: Appreciate yourself, respect your body and soul. A holiday detox with yoga will restore balance and will be a biological regeneration that will be useful before the autumn rain.

Yoga, along with a healthy diet and plenty of water, is a great way to give your body and life new energy and to get rid of excess toxins.

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