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Find Balance – Return To Mat with Yoga School in India

Today we will look for balance in motion, and more precisely stillness. I invite you to the position of the tree – vrksasany. For more asanas and yoga knowledge click here.

Advice for today: Find a balance

To permanently entangle the practice in your life – you must take root in it. Everyday struggles, laziness, ego, ambition, fatigue. Everything will try to distract you from practice, to disturb the delicate balance of your inner world.

You will be unintentionally destroying her every day. To catch her again every day. Strangely, standing on one leg, sometimes staggering sideways, that’s when it’s easiest to do it. To get your body balance you need to cut off everything else. Be as quiet as possible to hear yourself.

And then let the roots of your feet grow into the mat. Trust the practice and the moment you are. In turn, I trust that when you do it you will feel good – with yourself. And remembering this feeling – you will return to the mat.

See, it’s easiest to keep your balance in two moments – when you’re standing still or when you’re completely on the move . It’s probably easiest to imagine referring to cycling. When you move slowly it is the hardest.

When you are driving – no major problems. Well, unless you make sudden movements (but that’s a completely different topic). I don’t think you want to stand still. So move on.

Asana For Today: Vrksasana (Tree Position)

yoga teacher training in india yoga school
The position of the tree is a great example of power, grounding, rooting our body in the ground and peace. The tree has roots deeply rooted in the soil, and its branches and branches rise to the sky.

This should also be the asana: firmly set in the floor, “growing out of it” and at the same time reaching up, stretching the whole body. The tree is a great position for creating physical and emotional balance.

To maintain stability and balance in position you need to be vigilant and calm the mind. When the attention loses contact with reality, when we start thinking about something else, we fall from the position.

  • strengthens leg muscles and ankles
  • extends the spine, opens the chest and makes the shoulders more flexible
  • makes us aware and corrects the imbalance resulting from the fact that we load
  • one leg more every day
  • teaches concentration.
  • strengthens the nervous system

    Advice for beginners:

    If you’re a beginner, it’s worth taking one point at which you’ll stare. This will help you stay in position. Once you have mastered standing, you can try to maintain stability with your eyes closed.


  1. Stand in tadasana (up position). Distribute the weight evenly on both soles of the feet, do not stand more on your heels or on the toes.
  2. Bend your right knee and help yourself with your hands, position your right foot as high as possible on the inside of your left thigh. Press your left foot firmly against the mat and right foot on your thigh.
  3. Extend your arms along your torso, point the inside of your palm to the ceiling, and raise your arms above your head in a wide arc. Try to stretch your arms without straining your neck. The more you stretch your body, the more stable your position will be.
  4. Let your pelvis be parallel to the floor. It often happens that the right side of the pelvis rises, shortening the right side of the torso. So lower your right hip to the ground and forward, and your right knee back. At the beginning this work is difficult so don’t get frustrated when you can’t control everything right away.
  5. Remember to breathe evenly. Take one point to help you concentrate. After 30 seconds, leave the position and stand in tadasana again.
  6. Perform these steps for the same time to the other side.Of course, as always, you can do this asana independently, or include it in the sequence of Greetings to the Sun and Warriors, which we have mastered in previous weeks. Stay with us on the mat this week, keep yourself moving,


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